Subject: Re: Time Enough?
Hello Everyone,

We had an interesting connection at Heathrow last year. The scheduled time between flights was 1 hour 45 minutes and we thought it barely enough to get to our Manchester flight as the airport is so vast.

As luck would have it the flight crew were an hour late arriving at Bangkok airport. The cabin crew scurried aboard loaded down with huge boxes of Thai orchids as the Captain grabbed the microphone from the gate attendant and told us they had left the hotel in plenty of time but had been stuck in traffic. He went on to say he would make his safety checks as quickly as possible and we would be on our way ASAP and he expected to make up the time in flight. He did not actually say he was sorry for the delay.

Once we were aboard he again went to great lengths to explain it was not their fault, Tony and I held our breath thinking the 'S' word was imminent, but it was not.

At this point word reached him that some passengers were muttering amongst themselves that the crew had apparently shopped for orchids on their way to the gate! More valuable time was taken reiterating their position that they were not to blame and contrary to passenger assumptions, they had not stopped off to shop. The orchids had been delivered to the hotel. Again no apology was forthcoming.

Several passengers would not make their connections. As we approached Heathrow I could hear them phoning secretaries to cancel business meetings and one-day conferences in Europe.

Not having made up the time we were very late into Heathrow. We assumed we would miss the flight and were surprised to find British Airways had a vehicle and driver waiting for us as we deplaned onto the tarmac. There followed a mad dash through parts of the airport passengers don't normally reach. Everyone else was seated by the time we boarded our flight. Amazingly our luggage also made it.

So in the end British Airways redeemed themselves but for our next trip I choose Singapore Airlines over B.A.

Maybe I am being petty but that one little word would have made all the difference.

Good luck, Debby, I think the secret is to keep to the same carrier throughout a trip if at all possible, they have a vested interest in helping you make your onward flight.

Coming home from Oz we have comfortable 3 hour connections. I would rather have a little extra time than spend a long flight fretting that we might miss the next one.

Sue Waterloo ON