Subject: Re: Buenos Aires
Hello Jennifer and Ziners!

Though San Telmo is bustling with activity and a lot of fun, the recommendation of staying or not there would vary widely depending on your age range and adventuresome spirit. It is an area of smaller apartments and though it has many activities it is an area where you have to exercise caution at night. And it is a ways from the theater area if you are interested in that.

For apartment hunting I saw a site that seemed to have nice apartments but once you define your area a good way to go would be to subscribe to the Buenos Aires Herald on line and search for them there. You will love Buenos Aires. The Cafe Tortoni, Cafe Ideal (where they have milongas) are two ooooold cafes worth visiting - one is very well taken care of and the other seems to have not been touched in ages. I could go on and on but do not want to bore anybody. Have a fantastic time!!

Lidia in Los Angeles