Subject: Re: Rome - special last night in Italy?

You say that the last night is special to you so I propose a special stay. Only because you are North American would I recommend this wild idea. You are accustomed to driving distances that Europeans sometimes consider outrageous. Also, after spending 12 days in Sicily the big city lights of Rome may not appeal. At least this is the case for us - we always start in a city and end our trips from the countryside.

One of our favourite spots in Italy is Spoleto (80 miles north of Rome). It is always our first stop in Italy regardless of where else we are travelling in the country.

There are 16 trains daily from Rome-Termini to Spoleto (Rome-Ancona line) but it's probably easier to rent a car at Fiumicino and head north to the town. I have no idea whether a taxi/limo service would even consider driving you there and how much it would cost.

Driving would get you there by about 8:00 p.m., in time for a short walk around town before dinner. Stay at Hotel Gattapone overlooking the hills. It is somewhat expensive but well worth every dollar. Saunter into town for dinner, have a late night drink on the hotel terrace and wake up to a wonderful breakfast. Wander down to town in the morning and buy some magnificent olive oil and wine and then drive back to the airport to catch your flight home. You'll have wonderful memories, won't want to leave and will make a promise to yourselves to return very soon. This is your last night in Italy so I'd advise that you splurge. You'll never regret it.

Lucy, Toronto