Subject: Re: Meissen porcelain factory
Hi Ziners, Dave,

Meissen is a real must. In addition to the factory and a castle you MUST!!! climb the tower to have the breathtaking views of the Elbe - the climb is with a guide only - seems like they're on an hour base - just check at the tourist office. To get to Miessen you can by bus - it maybe wise to pass through the castle - whose name I can't remember now, but it's really beautiful.

Being in Dresden for 3 days, you can also spend a time for a half-day train trip to Bautzen - a real gem of the middle ages with a sort of a mix of a slavic soul, because slavic tribes were living there.

Another suggestion - a train ride to Leipzig.

Also, don't miss a visit to the Opera of Dresden - one of the world- best acoustics. The tickets can be bought an hour before the performance - just come to the entrance door and wait - maybe you'll lucky. See - if you click on "Welcome" you will be taken to the 2006 program (in German but understandable as it's mostly dates).

Another 2 gems of Dresden are Old and New Masters' galleries and the Green Vault!!!

(Moderator's note - According to info at the website - the New Masters' Gallery closed from January for rennovation. See for info on all the main museums and galleries in Dresden - Michael, Moderator)

Enjoy your trip, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel