Subject: Re: Israel Questions/Jamie
Hi Jamie, Ziners,

As Alex mentioned June is a very good time of year to travel. The weather is no longer going from one extreme to another. It is warm and comfortable, but not too hot.

Eilat can be hot, but you are not outdoors in the heat of the day there. It is basically a vacation spot, but for nature lovers it has many other attractions as well.

1. Dolphin Reef, Eilat Located on the shores of the Red Sea, this reef area gives visitors a chance to observe and swim with a group of bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat.

2. Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat This marine park features a variety of exhibits including the Aquarium Museum, Shark Tank, Turtle and Stingray Pool, Underwater Observatories, Reef Tanks and the Oceanarium

3. Amazing World, Eilat This amusement park features special live performances, 3D movies, moving cars and other multimedia presentations that take visitors through the natural world of earthquakes, hurricanes, outer space and the human brain. (They don't seem to have an on-line address)

4. Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Eilat With more than 100 types of stony coral and 650 species of fish, this coral reef is an excellent spot for underwater enthusiasts.

5. Timna National Park, Eilat Surrounded by yellow sandstone mountains on three sides, this scenic valley features ancient copper mines, the red volcanic Mt. Timna at its center and "The Mushroom" a sandstone rock shaped by wind and water resembling a giant mushroom.

6. The Hai Bar Nature Reserve is near-by. 40 kilometers north of Eilat on the Arava Highway, between Kibbutz Yotvata to the north and Kibbutz Samar to the south. The 4,000-acre reserve is in the Yotvata salt marsh. The most common tree in the area is the acacia. Thanks to this tree, the reserve maintains a green savanna-like landscape year round. The acacia's leaves, flowers, and fruit are an essential source of food for the large herbivorous animals of this desert region.

Feel free to ask any other question you might have.

Good travelling all! Debby - Israel