Subject: Re: Valencia to Alicante, Spain?
Hi Pat,

Valencia is a great city and you need about two days to see it all. The second day I'd spend on a very pleasant visit of the complex consisting of one of the world-best Aquariums, Science museum and 3d cinema. This complex is very impressive also from architectural point view. It's a real not to miss! Also, on your way to this complex you will follow a very beautiful park with lots of fontains and flowers, including the singing and dancing fontain in front of the Palau de la Musica! Valencia is also a city with a good collection of El Greco paintings. The market of Valencia should be visited - it's interesting architecturally as well. Valencia's patisseries are not to be missed.

Four hours by train from Valencia - half way to Madrid - is one of the most interesting towns of Spain - Cuenca - with its hanging houses-Casas Colgadas-and a beautiful rock formations of nearby canyon. The way to Cuenca is spactacular as well. Go there despite the long way!

Close to Valencia there is site with an interesting Roman and mediaval remains.

In Alicante the most pleasant area is near the sea. The most interesting site to visit is the castle with great views from the top and the Town Hall. Go to the market to buy some of over-priced (5 Euro per kilo and more) Almeria tomatoes - really delicious and unforgettable vegetable!

Near Alicante you can visit a town with a pleasant palm park. Two hours from Almeria is Murcia which deserves one-day trip. Its Cathedral is a glorious one.

A visit of Alcoy can also be pleasant - the old town is nice with great views over surrounding mountains.

One warning - be very careful in Alicante at night and early morning. It's one of the most dangerous cities in Spain - I had a few unpleasant moments. Though during the day it's totally ok!

Enjoy your trip, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel