Subject: Re: Fiumicino to Spoleto
Dear Nancy and Fellow Ziners:

I have to agree with Mary from California. A few years ago we spent our last night at Lago Braciano, a nice location north of Rome, but within easy driving distance from the airport (on the map, at least). When we set off early in the morning on the day of our flight we also took a wrong turn - very easy to do in that area - and had a real rush to the airport. Since you don't have to be at the airport until later in the morning, you would have a bit of leeway. I am not sure if it is worth it, though.

The Hilton at Fumicino is a nice hotel, but I was not very impressed with the food served there a few years ago. I would think that Ostia might be a possibility, but we have never stayed there. Do let us know if you are successful in finding the "perfect spot," as we would be grateful for the information.

Winnie Newport, RI