Subject: Re: Israel Questions
Hi Alex, Bettina, and Debby,

Thanks so much for all the helpful information about Israel. I'm very glad to hear that June is a good month to travel there, even with Eilat. I had always assumed it would be too hot, but it sounds like a great time to go. I also appreciate the information about Eilat, as I really never knew much about it besides that it is a beach resort. And it is also a very good reminder to check the Jewish calendar before planning a trip to Israel. I had thought about Passover, but not about any June holidays.

Even though this potential trip is over a year away, I am excited to start thinking about it and will keep your responses in mind when we begin to make plans.

Right now, however, we are leaving on a trip to South America (Chile, Argentina, and Brazil) in a week, so I should probably go back to concentrating on that!

Jamie Natick, MA