Subject: Re: Thailand
Hi Ziners and Adam,

Traffic in Bangkok is bad but it isn't as bad as it used to be before they put in an elevated rail transit system (can't remember exactly but I think it opened about 3 yrs ago). You do have to plan your visits to places with lots of time in between but - it's still a fantastic city and very worth a visit.

Each place you have mentioned is totally different - the people, the scenery, the crafts, etc. and each is a great adventure. If you've got the time - you'd do well to see those three different "sides" of the country. I'd even suggest you add Ayuthaya (just an hour's bus ride north of Bangkok) for Khmer history and Kanchanaburi if you are interested in more recent (WW2) history.

"Phuket is Back" is actually the slogan on all the billboards now (we were last there in February) and it is very true. There is now very little evidence of the destruction that was caused by the tsunami....only a few places have yet to rebuilt and there is a wonderfully positive spirit amongst the people.

Cheers from Hong Kong! Judy