Subject: Fuimicino to Spoletto

I agree with the others. I would not try to go too far the last night. We usually do not stay at the chain American hotels when in Italy, but last November, for our final evening, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Rome Airport. We were very pleasantly suprised. We had dropped our rental car off at the airport after having spent a week in Tuscany.

The Holiday Inn had a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We checked in and used their shuttle to Rome, enjoyed a great last evening, walking around and had dinner there. Then took the shuttle back to the hotel. We had a fabulous, classy breakfast at the hotel the next morning. Then the shuttle took us to the airport. We were very pleased with this. It was totally stress free.

I am interested in your Sicily trip details, as we have plans to go there next fall for our first time. All we have so far are the dates and plane reservations to Venice and home from Rome. But we want to spend at least 2 weeks, up to 17 days in Sicily.

Regards, Donna in Pittsburgh