Subject: Sicily Plans
Hi Donna and Ziners,

Two more last night ideas, Yay! and thanks!

We have just started our plans for the Sicily trip as well. I have the tickets to/from Rome (first of October) and have looked into the low cost airlines to Palermo and I think that's what we will do to maximize our time. We will rent a car in Palermo.

I like to pick bases and explore from them. Originally we were going to stay in Palermo but decided instead for Cefalu (5 nights) from which we plan to take the train to Palermo for however many days we think we may be interested. Also from there I'd like to check out the pottery (I collect it) and go to Bosco de Ficuzza for good hiking and there are supposed to be some really good restaurants there. I am a big foodie so that's always important!

After Cefalu we want to drive across the island through Enna, Piazza Amerina and Catagirone on our way to Noto for another base (3 nights). I want to explore Syracusa and Ragusa from here.

Then we will travel up the coast to Sciacca for a final 4 nights. Visit Agrigento on the way. From Sciacca we'll explore the west, Marsala, Erice, Selinunte.

We have a whole day at the end so on the way to the airport we'll visit Monreale and the coast.

I had to give Taormina a miss. I would have liked to see it but it sounded too touristy and beachy for us. I'd like to fit in Mt. Etna if possible but not sure when. Maybe from Cefalu. And then there are they islands. Depending on the weather we may day trip to them from Cefalu.

The island has so much to do and really needs more than my 12 nights I guess. I'll have to go back!

Nancy in Virginia