Subject: Re: Vegetarian restaurants in Paris and Athens

There are lots of vegetarians in Los Angeles where I live. Their strategies for dining out here should work in Paris and Athens as well:

1) Look for Italian restaurants. Pasta, gnocchi, risotto, etc. can easily be made with a meatless sauce. 2) Look for Asian or Middle Eastern restaurants. For example, I had a chicken tagine over couscous at a Moroccan restaurant in Paris that could easily have been made vegetarian. It probably would have been equally delicious. 3) Does your goddaughter eat eggs and cheese? Many bistros and cafes serve omelettes. And of course a favorite Parisian dish (croque monsieur) can be made without ham which turns it into a grilled cheese.

Here are the addresses of a few Paris restaurants from a list I keep of my own good experiences as well as friends' recommendations (double check in Paris since there is always risk that a restaurant may have closed):

Arti (Indian), 173 rue Lecourbe, 15th arr Chez Shen (Chinese), 39, rue au Maire, 3rd arr Darkoum (Moroccan), 44 rue Sainte-Anne, 2nd arr Il Vicolo (Italian), 8 Rue de Jouy, 4th arr La Tavolda Calda (Italian), 39 Rue des Bourdonnais, 1st arr Santa Lucia (Italian), 22, rue des Canettes, 6th arr

Bon appetit! Mark in Los Angeles