Subject: Re: Lake Garda
Hi Rosemary,

We stayed in Garda for some days a few years ago. Actually we stayed in a Radisson Hotel (which I believe is no longer attached to Radisson) that turned out to be ideal. It was located higher than Garda itself. Thus from our terrace we had a commanding view over the lake. It also had a huge parking lot making easy to drive in and out of the property.

I think it was geared mostly to European vacationers, most tourists seemed to be either German, Austrian or British. During the days we were there we took several day trips to Verona, Mantua, Sirmione, Riva di Garda and other small towns around the Lake. Sometimes we drove and some times we took the hydrofoils. They are are a good option if you have time, do not wish to drive, which is demanding in the area, and enjoy having glimpses of villas and gardens that cannot be seen from the coastal road.

The hotel had a good restaurant but half the time at least we had dinner in Garda town by the lake shore, two minutes away by car from the hotel.

Graziella, Miami Beach