Subject: Re: Airport Transportation - Newark, NJ
Marty and Ziners-

My husband and I prefer to take the bus into Manhattan. They have 2 bus services: One goes to Lower Manhattan (Chinatown area) and to Midtown: Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd St & 8th Ave), Bryant Park (42nd St. Fifth Ave), & Grand Central Station (41st St between Park Ave and Lexington Ave). The roundtrip is $22.00. Adults $22 round-trip or $13 one-way. $17 one-way transfers to hotels via Grand Central Station. They leave Manhattan, fyi, every 15 minutes from the Grand Central Stop for Newark. Fill out the schedule on the left of the page "New Jersey: Newark Liberty" to "New York:New York" to get the timetable.

The train to Manhattan is good for Penn Station area (33rd St. and 7th Avenue).

There's also SuperShuttle which is a door-to-door service:

The price is $19.00 for 1st passenger and $11.00 for additional passengers. Those are One way prices from Newark to my midtown address.

Because of the number of drop offs, you may not know the order: if you are the 1st or last.

Your decision could be on where in Manhattan you are going. Enjoy your time in NY.

Reggie in NYC