Subject: Taking chances

Marta asked about transportation from Newark to Manhattan. We usually fly into La Guardia but whenever we fly into Newark, we take a "bandit" taxi. It costs about $40 for the trip, depending where you are going into Manhattan. It depends on your comfort level and how much time you have to spare. Considering the other options ($19 for the first passenger and $11.00 for the second) and the time involved, I think a taxi is a good option.

This leads to an interesting thread. What chances are you willing to take? What types of "alternative" travel have you taken that worked out? As an example, at the Dubrovnik ferry terminal we met a man who "had a room". We got into his ancient Renault. Along the way to his house, we stopped at the bakery, the greengrocer and the butcher shop before we finally arrived at his home. It was clean and new and we had a lovely room overlooking Dubrovnik harbour. After a wonderful meal and a great sleep, we awoke to a knock on our door from his wife who wanted to ensure that we were awake in time for the breakfast she had ready for us. The kindness of strangers upon which we always depend. We have countless stories like this and I'm sure Ziners have them too.

We always take chances along the way when we travel and we have never regretted any of them.

Lucy, Toronto