Subject: Re: Airline sites for Canadians
Hi Pat and other Ziners,

I was interested in all the travel sites that people suggested and I use for oversea's flights at least for comparison but I am finding that the Airline sites themselves are usually the cheapest.I checked alot of sites last summer when I was booking our Portugal trip and ended up going with Continental as they fly direct from Newark to Lisbon. We flew out of Buffalo and connected in Newark. It was much cheaper than flying out of Toronto. We left our car at Buffalo airport and it cost us $111 U.S. for the 16 days- shuttle follows you in and brings you back to your car.

We also use Detroit alot and use Northwest site-same convenience of parking and more direct flights. The most expensive place to fly is Canada-we are paying as much to fly from Toronto to Kelowna next month as we paid to fly to Nice from Buffalo last year! Anyways that is our experience.

Happy travels, Charlotte from Kitchener