Subject: Porto
Hi Susan and Steve,

We just returned from Portugal and spent 2 nights in Porto and I highly recommend the Grand Hotel Do Porto. It is a wonderful historic hotel right on the pedestrian street and shopping street of Santa Catarina with the Majestic Cafe down the street and the market around the corner. The first time we stayed there we flew into Porto and got an airport shuttle right to the door. This time we had a rental car which is a little more tricky as you can't drive in front of the hotel so we parked on the side street and I ran into the hotel where they gave me a map on how to get into the garage which I ran back out to the rest. They have a bell hop who brings your bags up from the parking and the diningroom is beautiful. We lucked in as they were having their Carnival party that night and for 22 euros we got a great dinner, live entertainment and all the wine we could drink. Before dinner there was a cocktail party and nibblies. It was so much fun!

We booked this thru which is also for $74 Canadian. If we had walked in off the street the same room would have cost 104 euros so it pays to check out the discount sites. We figured we paid half for all our accommodations!

We ate lunch at the Majestic Cafe and had a great discussion with the Sommelier there and spent a day at Nova do Gaia touring the Taylor Porthouse and having lunch at their fabulous restaurant with a great view(you need to make reservations ahead of time) as well as doing the Sandelman tour. We ate dinner down on the waterfront (Ribero area) the second night. Having a glass of port at the Sol;ar do Port on their terrace with the great view is a must. We also spent 2 days north of Porto and 2 days up the Douro river as well but more of that later. Hope this helps your planning.

Charlotte from Kitchener