Subject: Airline sites for Canadians
Hi, Pat and other Ziners,

There have been many messages regarding web sites for Canadians booking plane tickets. I have always checked websites to see whether I could get more affordable prices, so I also decided to check some of the suggestions given in this forum. Nonetheless, I always find that the real live travel agent almost all the time can give me a much better price than the ones found in the web-sites. The only exception to this was when I travelled within Spain and the airlines were having a price war last year, when I got the flights myself through the web at much lower prices than the travel agent quoted me. However, almost always, the travel agents give me a better price as they get tickets from wholesalers at a higher discounted price, add in their percentage to it, which comes to less than the exhorbitant prices I see in airline sites and other sites.

Helio Da Costa Vancouver