Subject: Re: San Diego

I think that Ziner John in San Diego may be away in Mexico right now. I am sure that he will want to chime in with a reply to your question. But I will offer my own suggestions on places to spend the day outdoors and active in the SD area.

Two alternatives for you to consider (in fact, you could do both):

1) Torrey Pines State Preserve. The Torrey pine tree is one of the rarest pines in the world. I think it is only found two places in the US and one of them is along the bluffs of north San Diego. The state has set aside several thousand acres of nature preserve to protect it. But the chance to see this special tree is only one appeal of the park. There are a few miles of hiking trails that take you through the groves and along the bluffs to some dramatic vistas of the ocean.

2) Anza Borrego State Park. A very different experience from Torrey Pines, Anza Borrego is a large desert preserve about two hours east of San Diego. Over 100 miles of hiking trails ranging from easy to quite strenuous. March is generally regarded as THE BEST month to visit because it is not yet too hot and it is often peak wildflower season.

Have a great trip! Mark in Los Angeles