Subject: Re: Airport Transportation - Newark, NJ

Just returned to town and saw your request.

You can jump on the airport shuttle train with your luggage cart and go to the main train station about 5 minutes away. I remember it being the last stop. Take the commuter train into Manhattan and get off at Penn Station. I don't remember the price but it is reasonable. There are machines there to buy your ticket. Be prepared, depending on the time, for the train to be crowed. Also, while you are waiting for the train, the Amtrack will come steaming in and can also take you to NY, but it is more expensive(about $20 each). This is sometimes confusing especially if you have already bought a ticket for the commuter train.

The only drawback taking the train is, if you arrive during the commute hour, taxi's from Penn Station are scare and you need to walk about 10 minutes trough a congested station to the other side to the cab stand or the various metro stops are about a 10 minute walk away.

You can also take an commuter bus from NJ into Manhattan but the trip usually seems endless and it drops you off across from the Grand Central station and then you have to transfer to a shuttle bus. This is useful if your hotel is the Hyatt at the Station or is up town. If during the commute, the shuttle also seems endless.

After adding up all the costs and wait time, I always tell myself that I should have taken a taxi straight from the airport.

Peter Foster City