Subject: Re: Trip Planning for Beginners
Hi Ziners,

We too book our accommodations depending on our air reservations.

On our February/2006 trip to Europe we had miles enough for business tickets in Delta. We called only 15 days before our departure, of course it was low season, but we felt fortunate to get what we wanted. We were very flexible with the dates. The Delta operator was extremely helpful and capable.

In order to get us on a return flight she checked all possibilities flying back from different cities either with Delta or with an associated airliner.

When she told us we could fly Delta from Amsterdam, I asked if we might stay 3 days in that city.

It turned out to be a great ending for our trip. They flew us in KLM business from Madrid to Amsterdam, also included in the deal, which was very good including a delicious breakfast.

KLM business service turned out to be much better than the same service in Air France, which in the past I have found extremely disappointing.

In general I have found out that Tuesday and Wednesdays seems to be the days of the week that offer more possibilities of discounted fares and/or availability.

During trips that involve more than one destination I try to avoid pre paid hotels because we like to adapt ourselves to last minute decisions and also to weather conditions.

When we fly to one destination like for instance Toronto last year, or Washington DC sometimes we prepay using priceline our any other good deal.

Graziella, Miami Beach