Subject: Canadian Airline tickets
Hi Nadine,

I agree with you about travel agents. A good one will save you big $$$. I was a travel another life....not really as a vocation but because I love to travel. Twenty- five years ago before internet days I couldn't find a savvy agent who could or was willing to plan my budget travels. So, altho I was a school teacher, I went to travel agent school & planned my own & other people's travel part-time for over 20 years. I'm now retired from travel agenting but still plan my own trips. Now with that background, I must defend an agent's admin or service fee. A few years ago with the airlines discontinuing commissions to travel agencies & the growth of internet travel bargains, many independent travel agencies were forced to charge fees or close their doors. The small agency I worked with, struggled along, losing money for a couple years, & finally bowed to the inevitable & closed. So, charging fees is not a greedy whim but a necessity for staying in business. And, altho there are many so-so agents, there are also some really great ones who will save you money & take joy in helping you experience other cultures. I was always excited to have clients come back & tell me all the terrific experiences they had....positive, negative, & heart-warming.

Carol in Central Oregon