Subject: Re: Los Angeles

I am packing to go away this weekend so please excuse me if this reply is not as detailed as it could be.

I need to narrow down the many hotel choices to get to recommendations on hotels that fit your criteria. So for the sake of this answer, I will assume:

o The hotel does not need to be in any specific part of LA as long as it is in a reasonably safe area o Since the visitors don't want to drive, the hotel should be within walking distance of shops and restaurants if possible o A suite type hotel works better for four people who want to share a room for one night

Given those criteria, here are a couple of hotels to consider:

Doubletree Suites in Santa Monica - Residence Inn Manhattan Beach -

Alternately, the Renaissance Hotel near the airport seems to have such good rates that two rooms would be about the same as one suite at the other hotels

I am fairly confident that arrangements can be made for tour bus companies to pick up guests at any of these hotels.

Mark in Los Angeles