Subject: San Diego
Hi Gail, Mark and Ziners --

I think we have pretty much decided on Anza Borrego. My son tells me it's also high on his list. I truly love the desert. While here in the Northeast we have beaches and something that passes for mountains, there's obviously nothing that approaches a desert!

Our backup, in the unlikely case of bad weather, is Balboa Park, since there are so many wonderful museums there. Does anyone know if there are discounts for seniors?

As far as Joshua Tree National Park goes, I agree with Gail that it's spectacular. Three years ago I was planning just to drive through it and I ended up spending the better part of two days there. As for my son, he spent a year at 29 Palms, so Joshua Tree was pretty much his backyard. This time, though, I think we're looking forward to exploring someplace neither of us has ever been, so it will be Anza Borrego.

Landra in Columbia County NY