Subject: How to Coordinate Morocco
Dear Ziners,

I am coordinating a trip for three of us to Morocco at the end of October and would appreciate some guidance. Our plane from New York arrives and departs from Casablanca and we have six nights to travel. Upon arrival, I think that we will book a flight from Casablanca to Marrakech, spend two nights there, and I also have heard wonderful reports about Essaouria. I expect that we will spend two nights there, too. Has anyone taken a camel safari into the desert and spent a night in a tent and do you have a suggestion for a guide or a company to coordinate this adventure?

I am not sure how to put all of this together and how and when to return to Casablanca to make a noon flight back to New York. The Royal Maroc Air website will not give me any internal flight from Marrakech back to Casablanca for any day or any time. Of course, I will check with my travel agent but I would also appreciate some ideas on another place to visit and how to transport ourselves from point A to B.

Bettina Jerualem