Subject: Roqueredonde, France
Hi Lou and Ziners,

As you know Roqueredonde is a small town,I would suggest staying in Lodeve which is less than 10 miles away.There is a nice Logis de France hotel there.I believe the name is Hotel de la Paix.It also has a restaurant,serving local cuisine. The website is just key in Lodeve for the city.

There are many quaint villages and castles in the area. Here are some of them: Carcasonne,la Couvertoirade, St-Guilhem- le-Desert, Minerve, Beziers and Pezenas to name a few.

A great seafood restaurant Le Pescadou can be found in the town of Meze located on the Basin de Thau (known for its oysters and shellfish), near Montpellier, the restaurant is located in the port area, you can't miss it.

Regards, Annabelle and Bill from Barrie