Subject: Amsterdam - 12 hours
Hi Ziners,

On my way home from Africa, in August, I will have a 12 hour lay-over in Amsterdam from about 7 am to 7 pm. My flight onwards doesn't leave till 9 pm.

I have never been to Amsterdam and am looking for suggestions about what to do for the day. Things to take into consideration: I am a mature woman travelling solo. I will be pretty tired after a 2-week camping trip in Africa. This is actually my first camping trip in over 20 years. Gave them up in my 40's :~/ I will be carrying my knapsack (say 10 kilo w/sleeping bag). I will have no clean clothes :D

I am thinking in terms of something like a canal boat ride, or possibly an organized bus tour for the day...but again I repeat, I have never been to Amsterdam and have no idea what is worth while.

Am open to any and all suggestions, ideas, recommendations ! Thanks.

P.S. I do know that it is early days yet, but would like to get some ideas at least.

Many thanks and Happy Travelling! Debby - Israel