Subject: The true Cuban Coffee

I have to disagree with the definition of the true Cuban Coffee in a previous posting.

For me, in Miami, when someone wants to have a cafecito, expects a tiny cup with sweet strong delicious Cuban coffee. I believe, although I am not a hundred per cent sure, that a Coladito/a is a larger cup holding a few cafecitos....

Café con leche is an entire different matter, it is like strong coffee with a fair amount of hot milk, I would drink it preferably at breakfast time or at tea time. At least those are the times of the day that it is more often drunk in Argentina and Uruguay.

I guess we all know that a café au lait is not ordered by locals in France after a meal, nor a cappuccino in Italy, nor a café con leche in a Latin Country.

I might be wrong and if so, maybe our Cuban Ziners can correct me, they of course have the last word.

Graziella in Miami Beach.