Subject: San Gimignano and Siena
Hello Ziners,

This fall for my eleventh trip to Italy, I want to spend a full day and night in San Gimignano instead of just the quick tour I have done before. I also plan to spend several days in Siena. I know that from Florence, where I will be before this I can take either the bus or the train from Florence with a change from both to another bus in Poggibonsi for San Gimignanao. I have also read that a train from Siena goes to Poggibonsi and also back. I have checked the Italian Rail site so I know that these connections are all possible. I have a couple of questions. If anyone has done either bus or train to San Gimignano, can you tell me the advantages you found? Also does it make more sense to go to San Gimignano first or to Siena first? Or doesn't it matter? I hope to stay fairly near the main square in San Gimignano and am considering the Hotel Leon Bianco recommended by Frommer. Has anyone stayed here or does anyone have another recommendation. I am also considering the Hotel Duomo in Siena, also recommended by Frommer and fairly central. So again any comments or suggestions? I have stayed at the Hotel Santa Caterina and loved it, but it seems a longish walk at this stage of my life. I am sure I will have more questions later. Thanks for any help.

Sincerely, Joan in Rockford, Illinois