Subject: Amsterdam - 12 hours
Hi Ziners All,

Wow! So many answers and so much good info! Thank you all so much!

Graciela - Great news about being able to store luggage at the airport. I had been under the impression that most European airports had stopped that for security reasons.

Also good to know about the train station!

If it goes to the Centre then I should be able to walk around and see everything from there? Are the museums and Anne Frank's house also in the same area?

Yes, everyone agrees that a canal boat ride is the thing to do. Hope that it isn't raining ;0

I definitely want to see the Rijksmuseum for the Nightwatch. I didn't know that one could also see an exhibit in the airport itself!

Carolyn - Well your experience is exactly the same as mine will be! I also want to visit Anne Frank's house. Do you remember now how you got there? From the airport directly? From the Centraal (train) station?

As I understand it the Rijksmuseum is undergoing renovation. Only one wing and two rooms are open, but one can see the Nightwatch and most of the Rembrandts. Will depend to a certain extent on the weather, just as it did for you :)

I am glad to hear that your camping clothes weren't a problem in Amsterdam - I am a bit hesitant about that.

Erina - Thanks for the tip about the stairs. I am generally allergic to them but in this case I think that I will make an exception.

Everyone agrees that a canal boat ride is a must. Are they different or do they all do the same route? You mention that there are a number of companies and locations. Are there any special criteria for choosing one over the other?

Such good news about the Centraal Station. I will definitely be using it!

Here I am trying to diet a bit before my trip and you have left me starving with your description of foods! All right! So pancoeken it is with cheese! Oi! My waistline/hips and... :))) Any special place that you recommend? The link you sent is great! and so close to Anne Frank's house that it cannot be ignored. Thanks!

Canal boat tour, at least one museum, and a day of wandering. Sounds like a dream!

Thanks also for the offer of more detailed help.

A couple more questions, please:

1. I will have US dollars. Should I change them for Euro at the airport before I take the train to the city?

2. I have read on one of the links that the coffee shops are for drugs?!? How can one know if a place is good just for a cup of coffee and a cigarette (tobacco!)?

3. Is everything more or less in walking distance or should I get one of the day passes with museum entrance discount?

Many thanks to all!

Happy Travelling! Debby - Israel