Subject: Amsterdam-12 hours
Hi Debby,

You are very welcome. I am glad that each of us were able to tell you something useful. Personally I thought that the possibility to freshen up having a shower for 12 Euros, specially in August was indeed a blessing.

By all means go to see the Night Watch and other great paintings in the Rijksmuseum. The have extraordinary exhibits this year because of the Anniversary and if you wish you can buy tickets ahead through the internet.Which might be a good idea to save time.

The Exhibit in the Airport is a tiny one, charming but of course just a token of what can be seen in the Rijks.

I found the airport very friendly, they have a wonderful Communications Center where you can use internet for a small fee.

The Anne Frank house is terribly touching and a must see. I understand that there is always a line in Summer time, so try to be there early. I am sure Erika can have the last word on this but I do not think it will pay to get a museum pass .If I were you I would pay as I go, or I would get a daily ticket, or some strip ticket, which one to recommend I do not know. In February there was also a line at the Rijiksmuseum but it moved fast.

Have 12 wonderful hours in Amsterdam. Graziella, Miami Beach.