Subject: Re: Miami Airport
Hi Candice and Ziners,

I agree with Graciela about the Miami airport not being a friendly one. I had a very bad experience there 2 or 3 years ago, and I hope never to have to fly through that airport again. It could be because they're trained to be especially watchful since it's a hot spot for drug traffickers. Whatever, as soon as I entered the airport they came after me because I didn't have my water bottle inside my carryon. It was just one thing after another after that, culminating in being pulled out of line just as I was boarding the plane. My daughter was in front of me, so didn't know what was going on. They took me to a curtained off-area and treated me like a criminal. I started crying and said my daughter was already on the plane and could someone let her know what was going on. They completely ignored me and completely searched me and my carryon, being extremely rude the whole time. Now, I'm a petite woman in my 60s, and there was no cause for them to treat me this way. So be careful while you're in the airport and don't attract the attention of security.

Regards, Diana in San Diego, California