Subject: Re: Lightest and Best Computer for Travel?

The laptop I use is the Sony VAIO 505. It's 2.9kg. It's light and fully functional.

In terms of connectivity, it contains a 56k modem, standard ethernet card (RJ45) and wireless connectivity. Such connectivity options in a light machine make the Vaio an excellent travel companion if you wish to keep in touch with people or simply send pictures back home.

Additionally, two USB slots, CD/DVD drive, Firewire, mic and headphones and PCMCIA slot ensure that almost any external device can be attached to the machine.

Haven't checked the latest offering from Sony, by my version of the laptop comes with 512MB of RAM, 1.8GHz processor and 60GB of hard disk space.

In all the Vaio 505 packs an awful lot into under 3kilos.

As with most electonics, it's worth shopping around for the best prices.

Mark Sukhija in Zuerich