Subject: Re: Renting a car Playa to Coba
Greetings Ziners,

If you rent a car, I would drive straight to Coba, ("Water Stirred by the Wind") first as it is the farthest away from can always visit Tulum if you still have time on the way back. If you leave right away, you should have time to see Coba and be back by 5:00 pm. The road to Coba is well signed and easy to travel....just slow down for the "topes" on the edge of each small towns. The road passes small Maya "farms" with the typical round houses with thatched roofs.

Coba is a great site. For those inclined to climb, it is the home to what is thought to be the tallest pyramid in Mexico, "Nochoch Mul". There is a rope running the length to steady oneself which makes the climb easier. The view from the top is great. Looking out over the jungle with pyramids sticking up through the trees and mounds where other large pyramids are waiting to be excavated. Coba is a huge Classic site, (600-900 AD) which at one time had 500,000 residents and covers 80 square miles with only a portion excavated. At the entrance gate there are bikes to rent and also three wheeled bikes with a guide included available. I would recommend taking the tour on one of the three wheeled bikes first. The guide will explain the sites and give you time to explore. After you are finished with the guide, you can always walk back to spend more time at the sites that struck your fancy.

If you feel like a bite to eat, I recommend "El Bocadito" in the center of town. The food is delicious and practically for pennies! They serve Mayan and Mexican food. Try the Mayan poc-chuc (pork marinated in a sour orange sauce and steamed in a banana leave) with black beans.

Enjoy the trip!! Frank Garcia in California