Subject: Re: Amsterdam - 12 hours
Hi Frans, Ziners

Such a great idea to see the special exhibit - only sadly I will be in Amsterdam only in August, 2006 :(

But both of the museums will still be there and I do mean to see the Nightwatch at least in the Rijksmuseum. I want to spend a couple of hours in the van Gogh museum as well. Then there is the Anne Frank house and a canal boat trip. With lunch (pancakes and cheese) and some walking around that will be a very full day following a long all night flight!

Since I land so early in the morning, and things don't seem to open till 9 am, I am wondering about the possibilty of a day room for a couple of hours. The airport hotel wants EUR 80 for a day room.

Can you suggest a budget hotel or hostel that might fit a small budget better?


Happy Travelling All! Debby - Israel