Subject: Re: Grand Canyon in August?

I agree with Mark. If you are in the Sedona area you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon. Do you want to do any serious walking? We visited in April one year and left the South Rim (Kaibob Trail) at 8:30 a.m., arriving at the Phoenix Ranch (bottom of the canyon) around noon. It was already hot at the Ranch but it was worth the trek. The return walk up the Angel Trail took about four hours - more like a march than a walk so a round trip should only be done if you're fit and ready. There is a portion of the Angel Trail that most tourists walk (about a mile round trip I think) and easier to do. I think you get the real flavour of the canyon if you venture down one of the trails and away from the sightseeing areas on the North or South Rim. However, if you plan to do any serious distance remember to bring lots of water and wear a hat.

Sedona is a lovely place to be. You can take a hot air balloon ride or a jeep desert ride from there, both of which will give you a different perspective on the area. The art work available is very interesting. Be forewarned though. Even in April, we had to scramble to find a room so you'd be well advised to book ahead.

Do you plan to stay in Sedona for the full week? It's a small place so you may want to venture further out. Arizona has a lot to offer.

Enjoy. Lucy, Toronto