Subject: Inoculation Info and Travel Health for India?
Hi and Namaste Ziners -

We're starting to think about a trip to India. So far in our travels, we haven't had to deal with serious health precautions, inoculations and things of this nature. But we know that travel to India will necessitate some of this.

It seems that there are no real requirements as far as entering the country, and that it is more of a personal decision. We will need Hepatitis shots for sure. We're up to date with Tetanus shots, and will look at Canadian government sites for recommendations, but are wondering if any Ziners have tips on this sort of thing.

We know about checking to see if bottled water is truly sealed, to stay away from peeled fruit, dairy products, Cokes from the fountain, and street food, but are there other things that we may not know about?

Any feedback from more travelled Ziners will be most welcome.

Margaret in Toronto