Subject: Re: Inoculation Info and Travel Health for India?
Hi, Margaret:

I went to India two years ago. I consulted an infectious disease specialist who happened to be from India although he came to the US at age 4. Ann's advice about the water is good. Also avoid the salad bars. Be sure the usual inoculations are up to date (tetanus, typhoid, etc.).

My doctor suggested malaria pills which I took as he recommended. He also said the most important thing is to AVOID BEING BITTEN BY A MOSQUITO as they carry other serious diseases. Therefore, BRING INSECT REPELLENT.

By the way, our driver asked if we had any repellent left over as we departed the country. It is very expensive in India, and he liked the tourists' leftovers to "protect the children."

Everyone in our group stayed well.

Anne Yuma, AZ