Subject: Re: Inoculation Info and Travel Health for India?
Hi Margaret,

Two years ago I travelled to Calcutta and from there travelled over Northern India by train and car. I stayed with a friend and it was very important to eat what they gave me as I visited relatives homes and Ashrams along the way.

They marveled that I could eat with them, no silverware, seated on the floor and just adapt. I always used bottled water, took malaria pills and was up to date on tetanus. I felt quite smug.

I think I was okay until about 5 days into the 21 day trip....I ate a Samoza from a street vendor. Why did I do that? I dont know... I had diarrhea the entire rest of the time I was there. My routine became taking loperimide morning, noon and late afternoon. I started sweating and praying in traffic jams...and in Calcutta and Delhi that is a way of life. Indian style bathroom facilities no longer bothered me.

I look back at it and smile now...but for the Samoza from the vendor I would have been fine. My friend said the samoza itself was probably okay...but the oil it is cooked in she couldnt vouch for!

My point is that you just cant slip or you will pay the price>:)

Remember not to inadvertently rinse your toothbrush from a faucet. If you are in doubt, learn to just push the food around on your plate when people cook for you. I noticed the street vendors putting buckets of water by hand on the fruit in the eat oranges and bananas as they have skins and by the way are delicious there...

Learn these concepts and then relax and enjoy the country!! Its beautiful and wonderful and unique and overwhelming. And the people are just fantastic!! I would LOVE to return!!

Have a great trip.

Joan Malden Bridge NY