Subject: Re: Inoculation Info and Travel Health for India?
Hi Margaret:

You might want to get a Havrix or Twinrix inoculation (covers both Hep A and B) which gives life-long immunity. The Gamma Globulin covers you for a mere 3 or 6 months, depending on if you have the double dose, and is only for hep A.

I now (after getting amoebiasis in Kenya and carrying it around the world with me for 6 months of a year-long trip) take a small, dual-voltage water heating coil (immersion coil) and a tin/enamel cup with me when I go to these places. Along with an adapter plug for the country I'm going to, which are lightweight and don't cost much at all. Great for sterilizing water or just making yourself a cup of coffee or tea.

There is also Dukoral, which I just picked up at our local travel clinic. Apparently this is relatively new in Canada (from Sweden) and covers travellers' tummy for about 3 months and protects against e-coli for up to 2 years (about 89% coverage I believe). It's not cheap, but then nothing is these days. It's a powder mixed with a liquid, so no nasty injections.

I just another Typhoid shot which only lasts 3 years ... I was told with the previous shot that coverage with the injected vaccine lasts 10 years but apparently new research shows otherwise. And darn it if the travel clinic here no longer dispenses the oral typhoid vaccine, which lasts much longer than the injection. Have to get the prescription from your doctor then find a pharmacy that carries it.

Nadine Vancouver, BC