Subject: Re: Paris visit
Hello Charlie and Ziners,

The metro passes also work on the city busses. We find that the metro can become tedious at times, especially on a beautiful day, and it's good to occasionally take the city buses where you get a great seat to see Paris. At the bus stops, there is very good information on destinations and the bus maps give equally good information. Also, after walking and walking, sometimes it's adventurous to hop on the next passing bus and see where it takes you. Beware that in Paris each bus use requires one metro ticket with no transfers and an all day pass then becomes a value. Be sure to validate your ticket.

It used to be that some the all inclusive museum passes got you into the front of line and that is worth the price. My favorite museum in Paris is the Musee national de l'Orangerie.

See: - there, in one of the episodes, Robert, an American, keeps getting lost in Paris and can't seem to decipher the metros - Click where it says VoD and sign up for an insight of Paris and it's citizens (in French of course).

Peter in Foster City