Subject: Siena and San Gimignano plus
Hello Ziners,

Thanks to Tim for the information on buses to and from these two spots. And also to Jane, who emailed me directly about a hotel question. I have copied the information and will put it with other items to work with for my fall trip.

Now comes the plus part. The trip in the fall will be my 11th instead of my 10th because of my brother. His insurance agency won a 10-day trip to Rome and Florence coming up in late April. He and my sister-in-law are extending three days before the tour in Rome and three after in Florence. He has paid for my airplane ticket so I can be their guide during their free time. Since I have been both places a lot over the last 45 years, I like too much to be sure about what a first timer should see. I am asking for your help and suggestions.

Their tour covers the half-day intro tours to both Rome and Florence also a tour of the Vatican and the wine villages around Rome, a day tour of Siena and San Gimignano and a half-day in Pisa. I have asked for reservations for the Necropolis under St. Peter's, but that is the only specific thing I have done so far. Of course, many sites/sights are whirling in my head, but I will be happy to have any suggestions of your favorites or best remembered places in either city that no one should miss on a first visit.

As of now, they have left all the decisions in my hands, which I have to admit is unusual for my brother. He is usually the great planner. So I am beginning to work on my plan. I have several ideas for restaurants, but I would really appreciate any ideas for a great place in Florence to have Bistecca Fiorentina. I have never tried it in all the times I have been to Florence, and I know he would enjoy it, and I would like to try it myself. Fire away with any suggestions you have. I will really appreciate your insight.

Sincerely, Joan in Rockford, IL