Subject: Re: Inoculation Info and Travel Health for India
Hi Ziners:

Many thanks for all the great info for staying in good health in India.

Nadine, a special thanks for info on Dukoral to prevent traveller's diarrhea - had never heard of it before. It sounds like a good bet. In Canada, the required two doses cost about $90 over the counter, although a presciption will cost a bit less. It would appear, from the Mayo Clinic's website, that this medication is not available in the U.S.A. Perhaps it has not been approved yet.

I've learned that one must start early. The Twinrix vaccine for Hep A and B is three shots over six months, so if you're planning a trip well ahead, start thinking about this at the beginning.

Here's two good websites. The first is American - The Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta provides information on specific countries.

The Public Health Agency of Canada, a federal government website, gives a lot of health info for travellers, but unlike the CDC site, does not provide info on specific countries.

Margaret in Toronto