Subject: Re: New member in Spain wants California tips
Hello Mark,

If I had to choose it would be kind of a half city half scenery thing. We will rent a van. My husband and I have already visited LA, SF and Vegas, but the rest would be their first time so we would have to do it all again.

I know that you have many State Parks there!!! I got a California map and realised that we will only be seeing the basics. BTW, I don't understand very well the Annual Pass thing. Is it per person, is it per car?

We are also planning to get a SoCal pass, for visiting Disneyland, Sea World, etcetera.

One of our stops would be Calico the ghost city, is it worth it? Is it worth spending a night there or only as a stop on or journey?

Thanks in advance!

Greets, Ana in Madrid, Spain