Subject: Re: Packing Light
Hi Frances and Ziners

As one who carries most everything on her back for vacations, I agree with the lightweight, quick drying fabrics. Travelsmith and Royal Robbins websites have great selections. You can also pick up great lightweight shirts, pants and skirts at the outdoor stores including one of my favorites-MEC in Canada.

Many backpackers carry a "luxury" item, mine happens to be enough lightweight, quick drying undies for 1/2 the trip 'cause nightly hand-washing is not practical for me. I agree with Linda's comment on plastic bags for items that do not dry as anticipated, we had this issue in Peru.

Although I can't beat Linda's most recent lightweight packing record, we also travel with very few items. Amazing how little you need if you don't have it with you...maybe 1-2 pants, 2-3 tops, 1 pair of shorts and some type of lightweight jacket. My only addition to this for our China trip will probably be a skirt or knit dress.

Hope you have a great time on your walking trip! I think it sounds like such fun...

Beverly Knoxville, TN