Subject: The Renaissance Man - (Florence, Italy)
Hello Ziners,

Linda's information about the exhibit at the Uffizi reminded me of an article in a newsletter I receive from/about Florence. There is a special exhibit in the Palazzo Strozzi from March 11 to July 23. The exhibit is about Leon Battista Alberti, called in the exhibit The Renaissance Man.

The exhibit includes works by artists he influenced, including Donatello and Ghiberti among others. Some works come from outside of Italy. The exhibit continues outside with what they are calling the Alberti Itinerary. I had never heard of this man before, but I hope to have time in Florence in May to visit this exhibit. I'll also try the restaurant Linda recommended for the Florentine steak. I read both travelogues, and I'm sold. The website which should lead to the article about the exhibit is If the ads for villas, appear, just scroll down like I do.

Sincerely, Joan in Rockford