Subject: Re: Packing Light
Hi Linda and other Ziners:

I also take your secret ingredient along - pantiliners - great for trips.

I've just read that you can now buy disposable women's underwear called "Tagalongs" at Walmart here in Canada. They are in a 5 pk for $6.00. This costs too much to use all the time, but is probably a good bet for some of the time. Apparently, the old ones used to be a cross between a shower cap and granny-style bloomers, but these new ones are pretty, as well as comfortable, and they are rolled up very small. Sounds like a good Bon Voyage gift too.

But my little secret (and a secret no more), is saving my ratty old undies, and blithly tossing them one by one into foreign waste baskets. No washing, no drying - hurray! Works for you guys too. And it has the benefit of freeing up space for shopping along the way.

I don't mind "recycling" clothing (wearing it many times) as long as I can shower once a day. Some travellers are bothered by wearing stuff over and over - the best advice is to just "get over it". It's more important to concentrate on keeping things easy while you travel.

Margaret in Toronto