Subject: Re: Ireland question

Where are you and your friends playing on this trip? When I finished grad school the late 1980s, my buddies and I organized our own golf tour of Scotland and Ireland. During our 10 days in Ireland, we played Royal County Down in the north and County Sligo (Rosses Point), Ballybunion (Old and New), Lahinch, Killarney (Mahony's Point), Waterville, Cork GC (Little Island) and Portmarnock in the south. It was one of my all time favorite vacations. Not only was the golf outstanding, but the hospitality of the Irish people was amazing. Of course we missed many wonderful courses and others have opened since then. We are due for a return visit.

With regard to your specific question about how a group can stay in touch with one another in Dublin, I am afraid that I don't have specific advice. I am sure that cell phones would be a viable strategy, but each person will need a phone that works with the technology in Dublin (probably GSM).

Cheers, Mark in Los Angeles