Subject: Paris hotel?
Hello Ziners,

My sister and I are traveling to Paris to visit my daughter in May. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good charming three star hotel that has a room for three adults near L' Institut Catholique de Paris, 21 rue d'Assas. My daughter is a student at that university and would like to stay with us near her university rather than in the 16th with her host family for that 10 days. Also, has anyone stayed at Grand Hotel Saint Michel? My daughter likes the looks of that hotel from the street.

For those Ziners wondering about the atmosphere in Paris for tourists, it is safe. She reports that her life was only inconvenienced by 15 minutes on Tuesday, the day of the strike due to less metro's running. It is safe for tourists if one stays out of the protest areas. It is a matter of not being in the wrong place at the wrong time despite one's curiosity.

Until Tuesday's strike, if it wasn't for the US media, she wouldn't have even known about the protests though she is in the Latin Quarter for school on a daily basis. A matter of two blocks from the protests and all is peaceful and calm.

Pamela from Wisconsin