Subject: Re: Paris hotel?
G'day Ziners, especially Pamela.

For a quiet unassuming low-star realistic-price Hotel in Arr. 5/6 I recommend The Senlis Hotel, in Rue Malebranch. It is about 50 yards from the Pantheon, and a very short walk to Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame, Sorbonne, Boul. Mich., etc, and within a couple of minutes stroll of the fabulous downmarket eating area on the Left Bank. unless your prime purpose is spending money, you should enjoy this area, which is of course the old Quatiere Latin of student fame.

The Senlis is an old building (really a couple of old buildings by the look of it) with comfortable and clean, but not smart rooms. Probably unchanged since about 1930. The only meal service is breakfast, continental style, served in the fabulous vaulted basement. Check out their website - for current rates and some pictures.

Paul, in Sydney